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Scott Moore

Due to an unmanageable amount of bulk solicitation coming to my account, I no longer accept email from unregistered users. I have tried many "anti-spam" tools, but still have an unmanageable volume of junkmail that makes it through, and often miss 'real' messages. This form will only take a few seconds to complete, and you will only need to do it once as long as you do not change your email address. After completing this form, you will be able to send me email immediately. If you are a business contact, please register on the Business Contacts page instead. The distinction is only made to help automate the sorting of my mail. Please make sure these are true before registering on this page:

  1. I'd recognize you in person, on the phone or in a chat-board from personal conversations
  2. Your email address is valid, and I may email you back
  3. Your purpose for contacting me is NOT just to sell me something I haven't SPECIFICALLY asked for

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