some problems setting it up?!

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some problems setting it up?!

Postby 12confusion12 » Wed Jun 06, 2012 11:22 am

Hye, I am "12confusion12".

I have a few problems by setting the shopping cart into my site;

I have followed the instructions on the instruction site and searched this forum-site untill I've become this far;
(this is a link that goes to my site)

My first problem is that when you click on the button "order" (bestellen) under a picture and next to an quantity-field, it does nothing..
(---meaning that it doesn't add into the shopping cart while it actually should be when you click that button---)
(---and I did make a form for each product and numbered only what has to be numered---)

My second problem is that my manage cart when I fill in the code, doesn't show the frame that you can see on the sample site, instead it shows nothing at all..
(---so no frame with the information in that there isn't anything in and the subtotal in price is 0 for the moment---)

My tirth issue is that when you have filled in the fields of "sign out" and you click on "submit order" that he askes me to re-download the file "checkout.php"
instead of saving that order as a CSV file on my computer and automaticaly sending e-mails to both the customer as me.
(---on the instruction site they said that when I could open "php" I should set "checkout.php" in the FORM-action of my checkout page---)

Can anybody help me further?? I don't have friends in a close range who can, elseway I wasn't trying to get the help of you all.
Already thanks a lot for reading this. 12Confusion12.
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