Individual Item Discount Question

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Individual Item Discount Question

Postby seocomsale » Fri May 10, 2013 7:13 pm

Hi All,

I know that this question has been asked in different flavors in the past, but for different variations. All I can find is discounts off total items ordered (not individual item counts), discounts off the grand total irregardless of individual item counts, coupons, etc...

I am looking for a discount process that will do the following:

1/ Give a quantity discount (percentage off) on varying levels of number of items ordered. Not the total item count of the entire order, but off the items count of the individual item ordered and not just a set of fixed quantities either.

2/ By varying levels of number ordered, I mean something like between 1 and 5 of item number one, no discount, between 6 and 10 of item number one ordered, 10% discount, any number over 10, a 20% discount.

As an example: There may be a mixed order of the following

3 of item number one (no discount off item one price)
14 of item number two (20% discount off item two price)
7 of item number three (10% discount off item three price)

This would have to calculate before shipping or tax and show the discounted price each on managecart and checkout along with giving the correct total in the subtotal and total fields.

Thanks for all the help, both past and present,
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