multiple tax amounts

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multiple tax amounts

Postby nickc » Sun May 12, 2013 10:33 am

I have placed shipping as a fixed amount, free for local delivery and 5,00€ for foreign.
I added the following variables to the Payment Processor code to reformat French decimal point as a comma back into 0.00 format for Paypal.
Code: Select all
var finalcenttotal = centFormat((fTotal + fShipping));
    strOutput += "<input type=hidden name=\"PBX_TOTAL\" value=\"" +  finalcenttotal + "\">";
    var finalcentshippingtotal = centFormat((fShipping));
    strOutput += "<input type=hidden name=\"PBX_SHIPPING\" value=\"" +  finalcentshippingtotal + "\">";

It works fine, including when customers make a multiple order of the same article. The problem is when customers order several DIFFERENT articles. The hidden PBX_SHIPPING field tries to forward multiple amounts to Paypal. For example when three DIFFERENT items are ordered:
Code: Select all
 <input type="hidden" value="0.00 , 0.00, 0.00" name="shipping"></input>

Which Paypal rejects as badly formatted.
Any ideas why this is happening?
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