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Nopcart & Facebook

Postby sandrat » Sat Jul 02, 2011 7:00 pm

Hello everybody!!

I am here aaagggaaaiiiinnnnn.... :D

Well, this time I am dealing with the holly Facebook "like" button.

Summarizing: Did somebody see the Levy´s page? ( ... ale_062311)

That is exactly what I want to do at my site. I read almost a millon comments, manuals, docs, etc, etc, but nothing apply to my NopCart. All are for blogs, php sites, etc, etc.

I don´t use page product but categories. Wanna take a look?

You have all the information at a sigh and if you click on picture you have a zoom of it.

So, how can we place a FBlikebut on each product description on same page? :shock:

Sounds silly, buy many people told me "hey, put a like button, or a send one this way I can send the pic to my friend". :idea:

If somebody guess how we could do it, would he/she share it with me, please?

Thank you very, very much!!!!!
Sandra :wink:
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Re: Nopcart & Facebook

Postby Koibito » Sun Jul 03, 2011 4:08 pm

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Re: Nopcart & Facebook

Postby sandrat » Tue Jul 05, 2011 3:12 am

Hello John!

Thank you for your time and patiente with me.

I had checked that page bofore I posted my question. The problem with every (I mean "EVERY") help or examples I found, are all about product detail´s page. This way, you can just place a single button, no problem at all.

Let me explain myself: I have many product on one page (like Levis) and I don´t open a product page for every product. So, I want to place a like button on every product, on every picture. If I do it the way I found, the like button place a message on Facebook telling people I like the site, or the whole page, not the product itself.

Oh, my God, why I am always looking for trouble??? :oops:

If you can figure it up, I will really appreciate it. If not, thank you very very very much anyway.

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