Inputs for new E-Book about E-Commerce valued

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Inputs for new E-Book about E-Commerce valued

Postby Hansen » Thu Nov 29, 2007 6:08 pm

I hope that I am not in conflict with forum regulations posting the request. If it is I hope that you will just remove the post and correct me in private.

Do you consider building a web shop and sell your products over the Internet?

Do you own a web shop and are already selling your products over the Internet?

Are you a regular customer and have bought your products in a web shop over the Internet?

I am in the process of writing an E-Book on how to run a web shop successfully on the Internet. The purpose is to generate an E-Book that will take you through the steps that lead you and your business to success.

Are you a customer that buys your products regularly, this E-Book will ad to your positive customer experience.

In the process of writing I would welcome very much your experiences, success stories or stories of a situation that could have been avoided.

All examples will of course be used with discretion, and if I choose to use your story in the E-Book you will in return have a free copy fresh from the publisher.

Thanks in advance
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