Customizing mail order form

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Customizing mail order form

Postby Duudinja » Tue Jun 12, 2012 7:56 pm

Hey guys!

I am once again here with a question.

I am using as mailing centre and am trying to customize the message I receive when order is made.

By default it looks something like this:
Form submitted on Tue, 12 Jun 2012 16:52:49 (GMT +2)
from username ***********
with IP address **.***.***.**
referred from the page a direct request, or a cloaked or blank referrer
with the following values:


ID_1: AB09S
PRICE_1: 0.15
NAME_1: Âbolîði sudraba
SHIPPING_1: 0.00
ID_2: MG25M
PRICE_2: 0.30
NAME_2: Magnçts 25 mm
SHIPPING_2: 0.00
ID_3: CZ06-04
PRICE_3: 0.90
NAME_3: Èehu stikla kristâliòi
SHIPPING_3: 0.00
ID_4: MC09BD
PRICE_4: 0.04
NAME_4: Metâla pçrïu cepurîtes
SHIPPING_4: 0.00
ID_5: MC06S-2
PRICE_5: 0.02
NAME_5: Metâla pçrïu cepurîtes
SHIPPING_5: 0.00

It looks awful so I want to change it. But there are two things - unreadable characters and setting up the items to show as I want.
For now I have done this:

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
Vārds: [%b_first%]<br>
Uzvārds: [%b_last%]<br>
Adrese: [%b_addr%], [%b_city%], [%b_region%], [%b_zip%]<br>
E-mail: [%b_email%]<br>
Telefons: [%b_phone%]<br><br>

Nosaukums: [%NAME_1%]<br>
Kods: [%ID_1%]<br>
Cena: [%PRICE_1%]<br>
Daudzums: [%QUANTITY_1%]<br><br>

It looks exactly how I want it to look, BUT ... the mail I receive contains all kinds of unreadable characters (you can see that in first quote). I put the same "head" for my responders form (email that goes to my customer, when they finish the order, informing that it's received) and it shows everything just great, with no unreadable characters. What could be the problem ?

And second thing - if I know how many items will be ordered, I can put NAME_1, NAME_2, NAME_3 etc. in form, but as I can never know how many items will be in the order, how can I set it to recognize the amount of ordered items ? That is so it automaticly puts only as much NAME_? rows as items I have in the cart ?

Thank you in advance
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