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BOT Running HELP

Postby Bob1320 » Fri Sep 06, 2019 8:11 pm

I've used NOPCART on my site for years and no problems. Recently, I'm guessing that a robot is accessing the script directly and the script is sending orders with blank fields to me and messing up my Order # count. I tried testing this by entering the url for the script into my browser and I get a blank form emailed to me. When accessing the script directly none of the error subs work. There is no email address submitted and yet it passes through the validation just fine and the same for all the variables. I'd like to be able to stop the script from running if no data has been entered into the form, but it must be done in the script itself. I added a variable to the script "b_robot" and checked it to contain a certain string (which it cannot possibly have) and it breezes right through. Certainly someone else is having this same issue. Anyone?
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