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NOP Design's Server Test App is a useful windows utility that retrieves the full contents of a WWW page, including the headers using a direct socket connection without any type of cache. This is extremely helpful if you need to quickly determine if a server is working properly, and don't want to have to deal with browser cache issues, or making proper HTTP headers when doing a 'telnet to port 80' style check.

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LynxMotion Robot Arm Controller for Mac OS-X

Have one of the cool LynxMotion robotic arms? Want to play with it on your Mac computer? Then download this software to interface with the SSC-32 control board and use your robotic arm.

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Hide VMWare

I was tired of constantly having the VMware icon on my windows task bar-- so I wrote an application that hides it. This works great for my dual monitor setup-- as the task bar on the right monitor stays 'clean'. It's free, and helpful for VMware users. Written and tested under Windows XP, but should work for Windows 2000 fine as well.

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Want the source code? Download Visual C++ 6.0 source here

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